Wies'n 2005

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The actual plan:
* Friday (Sep 23rd)
Which time do you arrive? Please drop us a line (pongratz-graf@fs.tum.de). The earlier the better!
Our suggestion: Meet at noon (11:59 am) in front of the Schottenhammel tent.
After-Wiesn-Party at the Volksgarten (there is a "Tracht" night & we could get a good deal if we're a crowd)

* Saturday (Sep 24th)
Meet at 8.30 am (!!!) in front of the Schottenhammel We didn't get a reservation for this day (we're still on the waiting list). There will be a bunch of people (mostly Italians), so if you are late we don't know if you are able to get into the tent!

* Sunday (Sep 25th)
Let's decide Saturday night

Gratte-les-Boules is a trademark of Sexuality, Partying, Drinking and Happiness for all the People form the Princeton-Family!